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Adobe Longhorn #1 - #2
Under Contract

Primary Metals
Gold & Silver

Secondary Metals
Lead & Copper


Finance the Adobe Longhorn Mine in house with 4,200 USD down and 289.99 USD per month for 2 years.



The Adobe Longhorn is a perfect starting mine for any new miner to the Hard Rock industry with big gold potential and assay results to back it up.

These claim have two adits that are passable and one adit that is currently caved in.  The upper portions of the claims holds a small 20 foot shaft and numerous pits along the vein.  The vein system consists of two parallel quartz dominated veins with granite as the primary host rock.  Assays average 1/4 to north of 1/2 ounces per ton gold on the surface.  There are approximately 5,000 tons of ore on the surface surrounding two of the adits.  


This mine has not been worked since the early 1900's.  Upon surveying we had found old hand drill steels and picks still within the underground workings.  The adits are located directly on the end of the mountain and follow the vein down trend of the mountain on a 270˚ compass heading.


The claim is located 1.5 miles from downtown Tincup Colorado.  All 2WD accessible into claim with SUV ground clearance.  Once on the claim you can drive right to both main adits and there is a campfire area adjacent to the South adit.

To Buy Or Ask Questions Contact

Tyler - Lead Prospector, Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company


All claims have been properly located, staked, and filed with appropriate governing agencies pursuant to Department of Interior mining rules and regulations.

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