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Arizona Bedrock Gold 001
20.00 Acre
Unpatented Placer Mining Claim
La Paz County, Arizona
Price:  12,500 USD

Primary Metal
(Nuggets, Flakes, Fines)
Secondary Metals
Silver, Copper, Iron



Finance the 20.00 Acre Arizona Bedrock Gold 001 Unpatented Placer Claim in house with 5,000 USD down and monthly payment of 345.22 USD for 24 months.  No early Pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.



Hit the ground running with a fully drilled and prospected placer mining claim.

Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company is utilizing the most modern technology to help provide you with critical information rarely if ever utilize by my competition.

Mining is a risky business and purchasing a claim with little geological knowledge or even sight unseen can feel like an overwhelming and scary process.

Being a one person exploration business I fully understand your concerns and frustrations with finding high quality gold claim.  I work hand and hand with the buyer to give you the information and edge necessary to secure a premium mining claim and continued support once purchased.

This claim has been thoroughly drilled and all data aggregated into a drill map including depth to bedrock, drill hole results, and a variety of other perks to help you find the most gold possible.  Keep scrolling down the page to view all of my drill information and other pertinent claim information.

Don't take an unnecessary gamble buying a claim without drill results and quality prospecting information.  I am hands on with this placer claim from start to finish and do all the work myself.  I am happy to help you interpret drill results and answer any questions you may have.

Year round mining, easy camping access, and large gold.  The Arizona Bedrock Placer #1 claim is a top quality mining claim in a high mineral potential zone surrounded by geologic alteration and weathering in a highly competitive mining district.

From large dry washes to narrow and rough gulches containing significant exposed bedrock the topography of the claim lend s itself well to serious dry washing and metal detecting.


Via dirt Forest Service RD


Up to 14 continuous days onsite 


The mining district is known for numerous gold mines dating back as early as the 1800's.  Both lode and placer mining took place in the area and is evidenced by many old mine shafts dotting the surrounding hillsides.  Placer gold was also mined within the district, however due to a lack of technology in dry desert gold recovery during the 1800's the old timers left plenty of gold in the ground.  The claim was not mined on a large scale as their is little evidence of surface disturbance in the dry washes in addition to over 100 additionally years of erosion and weathering during the monsoon season since the old time miners were active in the area.  This lends to fresh gold being deposited within the timeframe of the late 1800's to present day.

Exploration results were excellent on the claim with a combination of metal detecting with a Minelab GPX 5000 with both DD, mono, and concentric coils of various sizes ranging from 32" to 15", a gold monster 1000 with standard 6" DD coil and a keene 151S dry washer.

All concentrate material was finished via RP4 shaker table and then dried thoroughly before measure weight of sample in my custom gold recovery trailer onsite.

There is an extensive amount of fine gold on this claim captured via dry washer and nugget shooting with the metal detectors proved to be well work the time for numerous multi gram nuggets and larger.

Nugget Size & Quantity Results From Prospecting

GPS Coordinates of the claim and nugget discovery locations to be provided to the end buyer or to a potential buyer with a prospecting payment of 250 USD and NDA in place.  This is to ensure the GPS coordinates are not publicly available in order to preserve the claim for the end buyer.



The best gold was found in the exposed bedrock crevices ranging from fine gold to nuggets.

With the addition of a 32" concentric coil large nuggets were unearthed in the main wash on the NW area of the claim.

Alluvial Drilling

results of the claim yielded excellent depth figures to bedrock in every wash and also fine gold.  See below for drill hole map and results.

You'd be hard pressed to find another exploration company selling claims with drill results.  I do my best to give the end buyer the best chance of success by thoroughly prospecting the claim with drilling being the primary driver in providing an unparelled flow of information for the end buyer to make the proper purchasing decision while having information the buyer can ultilize for years in the future to recover gold.

All gold claim sales come complimentary with no hidden fees or transfer fees.  Additionally, I provide 1 free hour of digital consulting with every claim purchase and a discounted hourly consulting rate in perpetuity.

Once sold, the claim will be transferred into your name and I will send you a hardcopy & digital versions of the map & GPS points with directions to where I camped, how to best access your new claim, drill map with results, and where I located the best gold.

Gold Found on Claim

Claim Videos

Claim Picture Highlights

Drill Results


Claim Maps

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