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Black Rose #2
18.76 Acre
Unpatented Placer Mining Claim
Gunnison County, Colorado
Tincup Mining District
CMC# 293170
Price 25,000 USD

Primary Metal
Nuggets, Flakes, & Fines
The Black Rose #2 unpatented placer mining claim is known for excellent gold values, ranging from nuggets, flakes, and fine gold.

Located just outside the historic mining town of Tincup Colorado the Black Rose #2 sits directly at the confluence of Willow Creek and West Willow Creek.  

Year Round water flows through the claim providing adequate water for placer mining and dredging.  Both creeks converging within the center of the claim creates an excellent environment for dynamic channel movements from season to season and a unique opportunity for gold for gold deposition.

Upstream from the Black Rose #2 lies numerous hard rock mines that were developed in the late 1800's.  This hard rock mining zone of mineralization is believed to be the main source of the gold deposition found on Black Rose #2, additional gold reefs were also located outside of the main mineralization zone further depositing additional gold values on the Black Rose #2.

Downstream from the claims lies a gold dredge that was working its way up Willow Creek to the Black Rose #2.  The dredge never made it up to the claim leaving the Black Rose #2 untouched by the dredge.

The dredge was stopped due to the crash of precious metals prices and rampant gold theft by the dredge workers.

The Black Rose #2 is the only claim on Willow Creek and West Willow creek where there is a confluence of the two streams in a very tight canyon that funnels the heavy materials such as gold into a very small acreage footprint which in turn provides a higher concentration of gold.

This claim is best suited for the serious recreational prospector up to a small placer mining company 

Past Claim Work
This claim has been worked recreationally with a high banker for the past several mining seasons sporadically and an exploration Notice of Intent was executed on the claim last summer that produced excellent nugget and large flake results from the stream convergent zone utilizing a simple battery powered high banker.

2WD Standard Pickup truck/suv accessible via dirt Forest Service RD approximately 1 mile from the Town of Tincup.

Sale Ownership Disclaimer
The Black Rose #2 is a third party sale. Ownership of the Black Rose #2 is possessed by a client of Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company.  Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company is listing and brokering this claim for our client.  The reason for the sale is due to a large travel distance for the client and a move to other claims that are closer to home with longer mining seasons.

Gold Found on Black Rose #2 By Owner