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Black Rose #5
Unpatented Placer Claim
12.64 Acres 
Tincup Mining District

Gunnison County, Colorado
6,500 USD

Primary Metal
Gold & Silver

Fine, Flake, Nu


Purchase the Black Rose #5 Unpatented Placer Claim outright for 6,500 USD or finance in house with a down payment of 2,600 USD and a monthly payment of 179.52 USD for 24 months.

No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.


The Black Rose #5 is a smaller parcel than most but the only claim that is backed up to patented placer acreage upstream. You will find old river channels and a wide area of gravel to choose from outside the streambed.  Within the stream heavy spring runoffs create a fast flowing water channel with numerous turns and sharp corners.  Summertime the water slows down revealing a stream bed and bank that is easily accessible and the widest stream in the Black Rose line up.  Small nuggets and large flakes were found downstream of this claim last summer.


From Tincup Colorado the claim is located approximately 1 mile.  There is a dirt road that is well traveled that goes directly by the East side of the claim which is 2WD accessible with SUV ground clearance.  There is also an ATV travel on the west side of the claim that is dead ended at the claim.

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