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Arizona Breakwater Gold 004
20.00 Acres
Unpatented Placer Mining Claim
Maricopa County, Arizona
Cave Creek Mining District
AZ# 105823007

Price: 3,750 USD

Primary Metal
Alluvial Gold

Gold Size
Flakes, Fines


Hassle Free Financing
Purchase the Arizona Breakwater Gold 004 Unpatented Placer Claim outright for 3,750 USD or finance in house with 1,500 USD down and 103.57 USD per month for 24 months.  No credit checks, hidden fees, or early pre-payment penalties.

Precision Surveyed to 3cm accuracy
Year Round Mining
Close To Phoenix




Located just 40 minutes from Phoenix, the Arizona Breakwater Gold 004 Placer Claim is a 20.00 acre Federal Unpatented Mining claim located just downstream of a Gold & Copper producing lode vein.  Featuring two main stream channels running thru the claim bearing alluvial gold.  

High quality bedrock outcrops run across the claim in small exposed intervals.  Additionally, there is a large amount of rounded river rock that exceeds 3 feet in diameter.  The main stream channel flows thru the the North/South trend of the claim. 


Main Channel

The main stream channel is filled with tight narrow and extremely twisted course of flow of the channel.  Additionally, there are two main benches that sit just outside of the main wash that are perfect for detecting.  The benches are dominated by large boulders and the closer to the channel banks you get the more boulders are encountered.  This claim has obviously seen a lot of erosion and flood action due to the sheer size of boulders moved and deep channel present.



This claim is well suited to metal detecting and dry washing.  This claim can be worked year round due to the temperate weather.  At the time of survey water was flowing steadily through the claim from both washes.  However, the stream flow is intermittent and utilizing a dry washer or recirculating sluice may be necessary during the summer months.


The area surrounding the claim is known for Au/Cu with different clays to the East and gold & Uranium to the north.  Gold has been developed in quartz veins running upstream of the claim and within lenses containing gold values thru the claim.  

The gold originating from the main wash along Willow Spring has traveled a significant way leading to more rounded and smaller gold.  The gold that originating from the second wash containing the most bedrock and least amount of overburden is fairly coarse gold as the original vein structure is very close.


The Tonto National Forest has produced a variety of minerals on a commercial level since the late 1800's.  Gold is not found everywhere throughout the greater forest ecosystem, but rather comes in the form of small vein structures (1,500') or less in length and additional small secondary vein structures and lenses.  Typically, the vein structures are steeply dipping and highly mineralized at the surface. 

This claim is just directly downstream to the above mentioned vein structures giving the end buyer the best chance for success.




There is no known commercial placering operations on this claim.  The main vein structure that eroded the alluvial gold into this claim was mined for primarily Au & Cu, with other associated base metals of Fe, Mg and small amounts of Ag.  The mineralization occurs in steeply dipping Quartz faults and was mined via open cuts and shafts just upstream of this claim.  The previous lode claim operations were named the Horseshoe Dam & Copper Ledge.  Both were developed in the early 30's and 40's.

By not having commercial placer operations present on these claims in the past leads to untapped alluvial gold deposits, providing a unique chance for buyers from around the greater Phoenix area to have a quality gold placer claim close to home.  Due to the lack of flowing water and smaller bands of mineralization large scale placer operations were never started as there were other areas that did have water in the area that attracted the attention away from this claim for large scale operations. 

Claim Map




Located just 3/4 miles from the verde river valley the claim has very gently rolling hills and the washes are deep and steep that run dry almost year round beyond sporadic rain systems during monsoon season. 


Pickup Truck/ATV accessible via dirt BLM road system.  The claim is just a short distance west from the main N Horseshoe Dam RD.  From the main RD there is an unnamed dirt spur trail of less than 2 miles in length that leads directly to the claim.  High clearance 4WD or an ATV is recommended for this spur trail.


From Phoenix the claim is approximately 40 minutes North/Northeast with a well established road system leading to the entrance of the spur trail.


Camping is allowed on the claim for up to 14 continuous days.  Additionally, the Mesquite Recreation area is located just the the East of N Horseshoe Dam RD and across from the spur trail entrance.  The recreation area is open year round with 12 camping spots along the verde river.  Vault toilets, fire rings, and picnic tables are provided.

Recommended Gold Recovery Methods

Metal Detecting & Wet Sluicing & Dry Washing

Land Ownership Status

Forest Service

What Is Included In The Purchase

  1. Quit Claim Deed

  2. Google Earth Map

  3. Waterproof 24X36 hardcopy 1:24,000 Map

  4. Corner & Discovery Point GPS Coordinates

  5. 2 Hours of Free Complimentary Consulting

  6. Certificate of Location Copy


Prospecting Disclaimer

The Arizona Breakwater Gold 004 Unpatented Placer Claim AZ# 105823007 is an Unpatented Federal Mining Claim.  Any form of mining or prospecting is barred without prior approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company.  This website listing does not constitute or convey approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company to mine or prospect the claim in any capacity.  Mineral theft is a Federal offense and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as listed in the 1872 Federal Mining Laws.

Next Steps

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  • Buy Outright or Finance In House

Contact Information


Tyler Long

Lead Prospector

Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company

Direct Line:  970-901-9043 

Claim Map
Main Channel
Included In Purchase
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