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Arizona Bedrock Gold 002
20.00 Acres
Unpatented Mining Claim
La Paz County, Arizona
AZ# 105816945

Price: 12,500 USD

Primary Metal
Alluvial Gold

Gold Size
Nuggets, Flakes, Fines


Hassle Free Financing
Purchase the Arizona Bedrock Gold 002 
Unpatented Placer Claim outright for 12,500 USD


Option (1)
Finance in house with 5,000 USD down and 345.22 USD per month for 24 months.  

Option (2)
Finance in house with 3,125 USD down and 213.07 USD per month for 60 months.



Fully Drilled & Analyzed Drill Program

Precision Surveyed to 0.5cm accuracy 

Unparalleled Claim Data & UAV Mapping Technology

Excellent Metal Detecting & Dry Washing Results


The claim features steep mountain sides that range from 300-400 vertical feet from the east floor.  There is one main wash running thru the claim and xxx smaller, shallower, and more rocky washes that flow into the main wash.  

Not only is the main wash gold bearing, but the secondary washes are easier to mine due to lack of overburden and the gold is much larger and coarser due to the relatively short distance of travel from the in-situ deposit.

Prospecting Disclaimer

The Arizona Bedrock Gold 002 Unpatented Placer Claim AZ# 105816945 is an Unpatented Federal Mining Claim.  Any form of mining or prospecting is barred without prior approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company.  This website listing does not constitute or convey approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company to mine or prospect the claim in any capacity.  Mineral theft is a Federal offense and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as listed in CFxxxxxxx

Contact Information


Tyler Long

Lead Prospector

Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company

Direct Line:  970-901-9043 


Alluvial Drilling
Alluvial Drilling Results
Metal Detecting
Metal Detecting Results
Dry Washing Results
Dry Washing
Claim Highlight Pictures
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