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Topaz #2
Unpatented Lode Claim
20.66 Acres
Catron County, New Mexico
Original Price: 6,500 USD
Sale Price: 5,500 USD!
NM # 105239821



Small pieces of Topaz were found upon survey on the claim heading downtrend following a West heading.  No active production on this claim since the 1950's.  Topaz can be mined with a simple rock hammer and chisel; all the way up to more mechanized methods.

This particular claim features rolling smooth topography that is intersected by sharp volcanic rock intrusions.

Round and Maverick mountains were mined briefly during the 1950’s on a small commercial scale.  Small remnants of the past miners remain.  With over 20 acres of acreage to prospect and rock hound on this claim will provide years of enjoyment.


Host Rock Type

Volcanic Rock (Aphanitic), Felsic Volcanic Rock, Rhyolite

Topaz, an aluminum fluorosilicate, occurs as hard, transparent to translucent crystals in a wide range of color.  Clear colorless crystals occur in gas cavities in the rhyolite at the base of Round or Maverick Mountain.


Low clearance 2WD accessible, via a flat dirt Forest Service RD.   The closest decent town is Socorro or Truth or Consequences New Mexico.  Plenty of free remote camping surrounding the area.

Financing Available for this claim with 25% down or 1,375 USD and monthly payments of 183.75 USD for two years.

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