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Topaz #3 
Unpatented Placer Claim
20.66 Acres
Catron County, New Mexico
7,500 USD
NM # 105239820

Citrine Quartz 
Quartz Towers



Buy the Topaz #3 unpatented Lode Claim outright for 7,500 USD or finance in house with 3,000 USD down and a monthly payment of 207.13 USD for 24 months.

No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.


The Topaz #3 gemstone claim is a 20.66 acre lode mining claim located in Catron County, New Mexico centered on top of a very unique Quartz & Topaz deposit that produced crystals and nodules in 1957.  

The claim is known for its Citrine Quartz & quartz towers along with smaller pieces of Topaz.  Our survey revealed a fully terminated Citrine Quartz Crystal with small impurities approximately 3 inches in length.

Quartz Crystals & Topaz can be found within ancient gas pockets and fluid channels that let the gemstones form over millions of years.  Extraction of these crystals can take place with a simple hammer and chisel all the way up to more mechanized mining.


Host Rock Type

Volcanic Rock (Aphanitic), Felsic Volcanic Rock, Rhyolite

Topaz, an aluminum fluorosilicate, occurs as hard, transparent to translucent crystals in a wide range of color.  Clear colorless crystals occur in gas cavities in the rhyolite at the base of Round or Maverick Mountain.


Massive nodules and giant crystals were discovered at Maverick Mountain in 1957 and eventually in 1959 the nodules and crystals were shipped in several carloads from the mountain.  There has been no commercial production since this time period.  Additionally, due to the large nature of the deposit the in-situ material was only mined a relatively small amount when compared to the overall size of the deposit.


All low clearance 2WD access, along a very Flat Forest Service Road.  The closest decent town is Socorro or Truth or Consequences New Mexico.  Plenty of free remote camping surrounding the area.

To Buy Or Ask Questions Contact

Tyler - Lead Prospector, Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company


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