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Bowman Creek #1 Gold
20.00 Acres
Unpatented Placer Claim
Tincup Mining District @ Taylor Park
Gunnison County, Colorado
CMC# 105264869
Sale Price:  25,000 USD
Primary Metal
Buy the Bowman Creek #1 Gold Placer Claim outright for 25,000 USD or finance in house for 10,000 USD down and monthly payments of 690.44 USD for 24 months.
No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.

For the Serious Gold Miner
The Bowman Creek #1 gold placer claim sits at the confluence of the Taylor River and Bowman Creek.

This claim is unique as its the most Northern claim on Bowman Creek before a Wilderness area that no mining is allowed in.  Therefore, the claim has first access to the Alluvial gold deposits coming down out of a Wilderness area thru Bowman Creek and the claim sits on a creek junction as well.

The name Bowman Creek is derived from a small mining town of approximately 100 residents during the height of the gold rush during the late 1800's.   The remnants of the town still remain to this day.  The town was formed to work alluvial and primarily hard rock ore bodies.

The claim is 2WD passable and large fifth wheel trailers can easily access the claim area.  This claim is at the North end of Taylor park so it sees much less traffic than more populated areas downstream.
Is allowed for up to 14 days at a time without a permit

Geological Features 
In addition to to Bowman Creek and Taylor River running thru the claim.  There is also numerous dry creek beds from years gone past adjacent to Bowman Creek that yielded excellent metal detecting results during the surveying process.  The dry creek beds are fairly narrow, anywhere from 10 feet to 20 feet and there are also numerous small dry benches of beached gravel on the claim.

Water Flow
Water runs year round and quite steadily due to the two creeks converging within the claim, making this claim a perfect area for wet placer operations such as dredging.

Gold Survey
Upon survey fine gold was located within the flowing streams.  The beached gravel benches were tested and found the gold to be fairly spotty.  A portion of the dried river channels were tested with a metal detector and yielded the most impressive results of the 2021 exploration season.  Numerous large nuggets were recovered making the Bowman Creek #1 placer claim the best placer claim currently in our holdings.
Video of the Confluence between Taylor River & Bowman Creek
Video of Bowman Creek
Bowman Creek #1 Placer Basic Map v.1.jpg