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Italian Creek Placer Claim
20.00 Acres
Tincup Mining District @Taylor Park 
Gunnison County, Colorado
CMC# 105264871
6,500 USD


Primary Metal
Buy the Italian Creek Placer claim outright for 6,500 USD or finance in house with 2,600 USD down and monthly payments of 200.35 USD for 24 months.
No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.
The Italian Creek Gold Placer claim is a 20.00 acre claim located in a secluded valley outside of Taylor Park Colorado.

This claim features an easy flowing stream running 1,320 feet thru the entire length of the claim with numerous large back eddies that resemble small ponds.  The banks consist of muskeg with small channels of water flowing back and forth thru the vegetation.

Heavy iron staining is very visible within the banks of the creek and is a great indicator mineral for gold.  Gold is primarily fine gold that was found near the back eddy for the creek.

2WD access however standard pickup truck or SUV ground clearance is required as the dirt road has a substantial amount of rounded river rock leading up the valley to the claim.

Plenty of parking by the claim and also camping is located adjacent to the claim with ample room for a camp and vehicles.  Camping is allowed for 14 days 
continuous days.

Italian Creek Placer CLaim Basic Map v.1.jpg
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