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Topaz #1
Unpatented Lode Claim
20.66 Acres
NM #105239819

Catron County, New Mexico

Price:  5,500 USD

Quartz Towers


Finance the Topaz #1 claim in house with 2,200 USD down and 151.90 USD per month for 24 months.

No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.



The Topaz #1 gemstone claim is a 20.66 acre lode mining claim centered around multiple small outcrops of granite spread West to East across the claim.

The claim boasts small topaz pieces of a yellow/orange hue.  Upon survey old workings from the 50's could be found, although the disturbance was relatively small.

Topaz can be uncovered easily on the surface rock within fluid channels and gas pockets that let the topaz form over millions of years.  The basic tools needed for extraction to get started would be a rock hammer and chisel.


Host Rock Type

Volcanic Rock (Aphanitic), Felsic Volcanic Rock, Rhyolite


There are multiple free public land camping locations very close to the claim along a flat Forest Service RD that is 2WD passable.  This claim is easy to access and has very little traffic or activity, perfect for a weekend getaway to look for gemstones.


TOPAZ Topaz, an aluminum fluorsilicate, occurs as hard, transparent to translucent crystals with a wide range of color. Small topaz crystals can occasionally be found in the hills throughout New Mexico, usually in small geographical and geological areas.



Topaz Basic Map v.2.jpg

Recommended Gold Recovery Methods

Hardrock Mining

Land Ownership Status

Forest Service 

What Is Included In The Purchase

  1. Quit Claim Deed

  2. Google Earth Map

  3. Waterproof 24X36 hardcopy 1:24,000 Map

  4. Corner & Discovery Point GPS Coordinates

  5. 2 Hours of Free Complimentary Consulting

  6. Certificate of Location Copy


Prospecting Disclaimer

The Topaz 001 Unpatented Lode Claim NM# 105239819 is an Unpatented Federal Mining Claim.  Any form of mining or prospecting is barred without prior approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company.  This website listing does not constitute or convey approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company to mine or prospect the claim in any capacity.  Mineral theft is a Federal offense and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as listed in the 1872 Federal Mining Laws.

Next Steps

  • Contact Me

  • Setup A Prospecting Day if you would like to test the claim before purchase (Optional)

  • Buy Outright or Finance In House


Contact Information


Tyler Long

Lead Prospector

Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company

Direct Line:  970-901-9043 

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