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Gallinas Canyon #1

Unpatented Placer Claim

20.00 Acres

Grant County, New Mexico

5,500 USD Sale Price 5,000 USD

NM #105234650

Primary Metal


Memorial Day Sale!

Now thru June 1st 500 USD off the Gallinas Canyon #5 Placer Claim



Gallinas Canyon #1 is a claim that is closest to the up trend location of the origination of the placer gold or the in-situ deposit.  Therefore, there are large chunks of rock within this stream and the narrow and steep canyon it is located in.  The stream is shallow in some spots but pooled up in other spots at the time of location.  Big nasty boulders abound and create excellent pockets for gold.  There are some beached dry gravel locations but they are very small due to the overall width of the canyon.  You will certainly get your moneys worth out of this claim as you have a full 1,320 feet of stream running north to south to dig on.

Access:  Claim is located right off of RD 152 with Silver City being the closest major town.  There are approximately 4 camping locations equipped with trash collection, toilets, fire rings and picnic tables under old growth pine trees 20 feet from the stream.  The ultimate location to bring to whole family to or group of friends.  Plus there is no charge to stay on the location.

To Buy Or Ask Questions Contact:

Tyler - Lead Prospector, Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company


All claims have been properly located, staked, and filed with appropriate governing agencies pursuant to Department of Interior mining rules, and regulations.

No Holds, First Come First Serve Basis

Financing Available with 25% down or 1,250 USD with financing for up to two years and monthly payments of 166 USD

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