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Gallinas Canyon #2

Unpatented Placer Claim

20.00 Acres

Grant County, New Mexico

5,500 USD Sale Price 5,000 USD

NM #105234648

Primary Metal 


Memorial Day Sale!

Now thru June 1st 500 USD off the Gallinas Canyon #2 Placer Claim


The Gallinas Canyon #2 unpatented placer claim is a 20.00 acre claim located within Iron Creek in Gallinas Canyon.  The claim features a small flowing stream at time of survey that twists and turns through the tight canyon walls.  Big stream corners can be found within this claim that give a perfect location for a hotspot of gold to settle. 


The west side of the claim features protruding bedrock the is filled with cracks and crevices around the waters edge that makes an excellent crevicing location for larger gold.  In addition, seasonal washed flow down from the west side mountains into the claim that carry well worn boulders and gravels that are deposited into the alluvial fan.

The east side of the claim has tremendous beached dry gravel bars that host boulders and a significant amount of in to course gravels carrying gold.  

This claim can be easily panned, sluiced, creviced, or dry washed.


There is a free camping area 600' away from the claim that boasts restrooms, bear proof trash containers, picnic tables, and fire rings stream side under old growth pine trees.  

Access:  The Gallinas Canyon #2 claim is located along RD 152 which is paved.  The closest decent town is Silver City.  There are camping locations both in Upper Gallinas Canyon and Lower Gallinas Canyon all within walking distance of this claim.  Finally, there are turnouts along the road to park as well.

To Buy Or Ask Questions Contact:

Tyler - Lead Prospector, Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company


All claims have been properly located, staked, and filed with appropriate governing agencies pursuant to Department of Interior mining rules and regulations.

No Holds, First Come First Serve Basis

Financing available for this claim with 25% down or 1,250 USD with financing for up to two years and monthly payments of 166 USD.

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