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Green Willow Placer Claim
20.00 Acres
Chaffee County, Colorado
CMC# 105785681
Price: 8,500 USD
Primary Metal
Secondary Metals
Silver, Copper, Lead


Buy the Green Willow Unpatented Placer Claim outright for 8,500 USD or finance in house with 3,400 USD down and a monthly payment of 234.75 for 24 months.

No early pre-payment penalty, credit check, or hidden fees


The Green Willow Placer Claim is a rare pocket of gold paradise in an area rich with placer & lode deposits.

Featuring over 800' of workable stream with both Willow Creek & Green Creek converging together on the claim.  Both creeks have significant gold, silver, copper, lead mines along their banks further upstream.  Additionally, numerous dry washes that run seasonally flow into Green Creek from the SE slope.

Claim Features

At first glance this claim presents to very good traits for alluvial gold deposition.  First, there is a large amount of fractured quartz fragments and many pieces of pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena, feldspar, and mica present among the river rock which has flowed into the claim from the multiple creeks.

This claim appears to have been partially worked in the dry high bar bench portion of the claim.  Some small hand stacked rock areas and trenches are present.

The main creek on the Green Willow Placer Claim (Green Creek) is a year round flowing stream.  Although fairly narrow in width between 8-15 feet wide.  The stream has ample fast water flow and depth.  Floating a small 2 or 3 inch dredge on this claim would be a breeze.

Throughout the claim Green Creek runs in short, short cuts back and for the between the West bench area and the East steep mountain slope toe.

Consequently, while surveying the area with initial hand panning and then ultimately with a gold cube & Trommel the best gold came from the mountain East side of the claim.  No clays were present and there was a descent amount of black sand.

Bedrock is readily found and sharp cuts in the bank help to determine different pay layers, bedrock, and fall bedrock layers.

This claim is best suited for someone who can take their time and have patience to dig and test the different bedrock and false bedrock layers and pay gravel streaks.  


This is not a highly dispersed fine gold claim where there is excessive amounts of float gold present.  This claim provides highly concentrated pay gravels with numerous false bedrock layers.  Hit a good pay gravel layer and you have fantastic gold from small to large; dig a kind of pay gravel looking layer without doing your homework and you will find nothing of value.

Additionally, the Green Willow Claim is named that for a reason, although a short walk to the creek from the road (200/250') the undergrowth is thick between the road and the creek.  This is good and bad.  The bad being it will take longer to walk to the creek.  


The overwhelmingly positive side of thick brush is it really has and will deter anyone from prospecting that stretch of creek.


Accessing the Green Willow Claim is very easy and straight forward.  The road is 2WD passable with only about 1 mile on dirt Forest Service RD from the paved County RD.



Camping is allowed along Green Creek for up to 14 days at a time.

On the SW corner of the claim there is a large camping area capable of fitting a fifth wheel in the camping spot creekside.  Also, further up the road there are multiple additional dispersed campsites. 

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