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Lucky Well 
Unpatented Lode Claim
19.55 Acres
NM # 105234980
Sierra County, New Mexico 
Chloride Mining District

Price 5,500 USD

Primary Metals
Gold, Silver

Secondary Metals
Lead, Copper

Hassle Free Financing
Finance the Lucky Well Unpatented Lode Claim in house with 2,200 USD down and a monthly payment of 151.90 USD for 24 months.  No credit checks, early pre-payment penalties, or hidden fees.

Claim Features
Large Open Trench
Mine Shaft
Roadside For Easy Access


The lucky well lode claim is a large shallow shaft mine with hand stacked tailings & ore piles.  This mine was shuttered prematurely during the war act.  The mine development took place on a high grade ore body.  This ore body produced primarily gold and silver with small amounts of lead and copper.  This mine would be a great starting mine for someone just getting their toes wet in the mining industry. 

The surface ore of approximately 120 to 150 tons contains of commercial grade ore that would be easy and low cost to process and would then fund the future development of the mine.

The main trench and shaft are cut directly on the swell of the main vein running thru the claim.  Further investigation of the trench yielded strong vein characteristics that would be a great place to extract high grade specimens still within the the ribs of the trench and deeper into the underlying vein.

The Chloride Mining District is known for pocket style high grade and silver deposits with a secondary deposition of highly disseminated low grade ore typically found in sulfides.  Silver chloride was very prevalent in the area and is what made the town of Chloride back in the 1800's.


 Located just outside the famous mining town of chloride, there is still plenty of gold to be found in these hills.

The Lucky Well Lode claim is one of many gold & silver lode claims located outside of the town of  Chloride, New Mexico.  Numerous larger publicly traded mining and exploration companies are actively developing ore bodies within a 12 mile radius of the claim.


Primarily andesite and basaltic andesite flows and associated volcaniclastic units.  Following the apache vein system that flows throughout the Chloride Creek mountains and valleys.  Veins trend on a NW strike and dip steeply.  Numerous Quartz veins and Quartz stock works are easily identified in addition to Sulfide based ores.

Due to the smaller high grade workings onsite, this claim is not suited for a large operator.  Rather the best client for this claim would be a small operator as the hand stacked ore piles can be picked thru and the high grade ore crusher with very small jaw crusher and hammer mill.  


Located less than 2 miles from the town of Chloride, New Mexico.  The claim is a straight shot from town via Wall Street RD.  High clearance 4WD or ATV is recommended as the road is maintained on a limited basis.



Camping is allowed on the claim for up to 14 continuous days

Recommended Mining Methods

Hard Rock Mining



Gold, Silver, Copper


This mine was one of three mines part of the Wall St. group of claims owned by the Empire Mining and Metals Co.  This company operated until WW2 shut down all mining activities, never to be restarted until now! 

Land Ownership Status

Forest Service

What Is Included In The Purchase

  1. Quit Claim Deed

  2. Google Earth Map

  3. Waterproof 24X36 hardcopy 1:24,000 Map

  4. Corner & Discovery Point GPS Coordinates

  5. 2 Hours of Free Complimentary Consulting

  6. Certificate of Location Copy


Prospecting Disclaimer

The Lucky Well Unpatented Lode Claim NM# 105234980 is an Unpatented Federal Mining Claim.  Any form of mining or prospecting is barred without prior approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company.  This website listing does not constitute or convey approval from Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company to mine or prospect the claim in any capacity.  Mineral theft is a Federal offense and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as listed in the 1872 Federal Mining Laws.

Next Steps

  • Contact Me

  • Setup A Prospecting Day if you would like to test the claim before purchase (Optional)

  • Buy Outright or Finance In House

Contact Information


Tyler Long

Lead Prospector

Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company

Direct Line:  970-901-9043 

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