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Motion Sustained #2
20.00 Acres
Unpatented Placer Claim
Sierra County, New Mexico
Chloride Mining District
Black Range Geology District
NMC# 105752502
Price:  2,500 USD

Primary Metal
Gold & Silver

Metal Form
Fines, Flakes


Finance the Motion Sustained #2 unpatented placer claim in house with 1,000 USD down and a monthly payment of 90.71 USD for 24 months.  No credit checks, hidden fees, or early pre-payment penalties.


The Motion Sustained #2 unpatented placer claim is a 20.00 acre placer claim located in Sierra County, New Mexico within the geologically rich and diverse Black Range Geological district outside of the historic gold & silver boom town of Chloride New Mexico. 

Located in one of the more remote sections of the Gila National Forest this claim and the greater dry creek drainage has been significantly shielded from modern day mining and prospecting, providing a unique opportunity to unearth more readily available depositional mineralization pockets that had not been picked thru and metal detected out like many of the other more easily accessible and higher profile creek beds in the district.


The area surrounding the dry creek is rich in both lode and placer mines that date all the way back to the late 1880's.  The majority of these lode mines produced silver and gold.  Of the many small mines in the area the more prominent dry creek had enough mining potential back in the gold rush era to form two small mining towns of Robinson and Roundyville; now all but gone in modern times.  Indian attacks were routine during the development of the mining district and because of the threat of attack areas like dry creek were not developed until later toward the end of the boom days due to the remote location and long distance from the nearest safe settlement.  Because of the lack of transportation to get to dry creek in the gold rush days the ore and placer concentrates were hand sorted and shipped out the highest grade ore on the backs of mules to the closest railroad spur line.  To make this laborious and expensive method profitable the ore values were extremely rich in nature.



The creek bed is dry almost all year long except when flash storms violently move through the area depositing new gold and altering the location of gravel and sand bars while exposing fresh gravels and untouched bedrock.The weather is good on the claim to mine almost year round.

Desert Mining Methods

Since the creek is dry almost all year long, traditional water based primary washing, sluicing trommels and shaker plants are not ideal for this area unless the equipment is very small and water can be recirculated.The ideal desert gold recovery methods are dry washing and metal detecting.  Both methods are affordable, extremely effective and most importantly fun!.  Dry washing utilizes no water and relies on forced air and vibration to separate the gold and other heavy minerals from the lighter materials within the pay streak.  Metal detecting is an easy way to cover large amounts of ground and take advantage of the exposed bedrock crevices known to trap nuggets.


Claim Topography

The canyon is very steep on either side of dry creek and the creek bed is fairly narrow but does pinch and swell.  This creates the perfect natural sluice to concentrate gold in a small acreage footprint versus wider creeks.The added value of a narrow and steep creek structure is when rain events move thru the area the velocity of the water can increase significantly potentially depositing more gold but the force of the water an alter the location of sand and gravel bars exposing fresh ground, while most importantly exposing new bedrock cracks to work.


Add in the famous Blackhawk mine that was known for high grade gold, silver, and copper less than a quarter mile upstream of the claim gives excellent promise the cashing in on alluvial minerals eroding off of the in-situ vein of the Blackhawk mine over millions of years and depositing them on the Motion Sustained #2 claim.


The claim has multiple routes of access depending upon which way you would like to approach the claim in the vast Gila National Forest.  Also, ranching, forestry, and soil conservation projects ultimately change access points to the claim.  Always consult with your local Forest Service office to stay up to date on the easiest and open access route to the area.  During survey I found it easiest to access the claim via ATV to save wear and tear on my truck, although a 4WD truck can certainly access the area.  


The town of Chloride New Mexico is about 8 miles away from the claim to the south that features a restored mining town complete with museum about the mining in the district run by a local family.  Definitely well worth the visit.  Winston is less than 5 miles from the claim and has a small rural store along with a fuel pump with both gasoline and diesel. Camping is allowed on the claim for up to 14 days at a time.


New Mexico is a very mining friendly state to small miners and prospectors working their claims all the way up to muti national mining companies and everywhere in between.  Having relied on mineral prospecting and mining since the 1880's mining is an important part of New Mexico's economy and is deeply woven into the fabric of New Mexico.  The greater Chloride/Winston area has numerous mines actively permitted and operating.


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