Want to mine & prospect premium mining claims but do not have the money, knowledge, or time of dealing with the headaches of owning a mining claim?

Let Gunnison Gold manage the details so you can start making memories with your friends and family across the Western USA on Gunnison Gold Prospecting Companies Common Dig Membership Claims.

With three membership packages to choose from ranging from a one week vacation package to a 6 or 12 month membership, there is an easy membership package for every aspiring gold miner to choose from.

Get immediate access to over 400 acres of Tier 1 Class AAA + mining claims across the Western USA.  From gold and silver to gemstones; Gunnison Gold Prospecting has you covered.  With easy to find claims and exclusive access to our claims you no longer have to worry about mining in heavily crowded public mining areas that have been tirelessly worked over for minerals for decades.  Or be worried about mining on someone else's claim.  Stay legal and get fresh ground with good gold on our claims while avoiding the crowds.

Bring the whole family and make it a special outing.  With camping allowed on almost all claims create the memories to last the lifetime.  Whether you are taking a vacation from the east coast or are a local looking to get away for the weekend Gunnison Gold Prospecting has you covered.

Claim Locations In:


New Mexico





Minerals On Claims:

Gold (placer & Lode) Fine gold to nuggets sizes

Silver (placer & Lode)

Topaz Gemstones

Citrine Quartz Crystal Towers

Arizona Agate


Membership packages include all maps, directions and individual claim information for all claims.

In addition, receive a membership card, gold pan, T-shirt & Hat free with membership purchase.

Once purchased, enjoy 24 hour access to all mining claims within the common dig program for the duration of your membership.

Choose your pricing plan

  • 6 Month Membership

    Perfect for free time restricted miners
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to all Common Dig Claims in Gunnison Gold Claims Club
    • List of States with Claims
    • Colorado
    • New Mexico
    • Arizona
    • Gold, Silver, & Gemstones
    • 24 hour access
  • 12 Month Membership

    For the adventurous Gold Miner
    Valid for one year
    • Access to all Claims
  • Vacation Plan

    One week access
    Valid for one week