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San Domingo Gold #3 
20.00 Acre
Unpatented Placer Claim
San Domingo Mining District
Maricopa County, Arizona
Sale Price:  35,000 USD
Primary Metals
Finance the San Domingo Gold #3 Placer claim in house for 14,000 USD down and a monthly payment of 966.62 USD per month for 24 months.  
No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks or hidden fees.


The San Domingo Gold #3 Placer Claim is a 20.00 acre unpatented placer claim located in the historic San Domingo Mining district within Maricopa County, Arizona.  


The San Domingo wash is extremely competitive for placer claims due to the year round mining season, large amounts of documented gold reserves, and extremely rich ore grades for gold in both fine gold and nugget form.


With Gunnison Gold Prospecting owning 4 unpatented placer claims contiguously thru the San Domingo wash this placer location is ideal for a small operator wanting to purchase all four claims of 80 acres total for uninterrupted and continuous mining operations. Or these the San Domingo claims can be sold individually; with a perfect location for both small scale miners and future miners, to mid-cap mining companies.


With extremely valuable historic documentation and very limited production without the high tech gold recovery systems miners now have access to today the San Domingo Claims are a diamond in the rough for a miner wanting to leverage this unexploited gold deposit to its fullest potential.


The San Domingo Gold #1 claim can be dry washed with recreational equipment to full scale mining equipment and everywhere in between.  


Additionally, the San Domingo Gold #1 claim is a nugget hunters paradise with metal detecting due to the large and course gold found within the claim boundaries.


Featuring a dry wash over 300 feet wide and numerous feeder gulches flowing into the main dry wash.  Large banks on either side of the dry wash are excellent locations for metal detecting. 



Enjoy a year round mining season and great drivable access to the claim.  From Phoenix the claim is a short 45 minute drive.  



Additionally, camping is allowed onsite for up to 14 days at a time without a permit.

General Geological Location

Drainage system of San Domingo Wash, east tributary of Hassayampa Creek, Western Foothills of the Wickenburg Mountains.


Below is extensive information regarding absolute specifics of the San Domingo Gold Placer claims located within the famous San Domingo Wash.




Primary Ore


Tertiary Ore

Associated Rock Type

Metamorphic Rock > Gneiss

Host Rock Type

Unconsolidated Deposit > Gravel

Middle Miocene to Oligocene Sedimentary Rocks

Ore Body Information


General Form

Pockets & Bars




To Top 0M

Reserves & Resources




Estimate Year 


Total Resources


Ore Commodity



0.77 g/mt



Analytical Data Results

Gold is 925 to 965 in Finess Gold

Averages $0.40 - $0.80/cy

Average Grade From 1870 - 1880 was $0.68/cy

Commodity Information

Gold is course and angular Gold is mostly near bedrock in the upper reaches of the gulches, but is more widely distributed throughout the gravels of the lower country.

Workings Information

 Placer workings 6-7 miles long by an irregular width.  Not confined to stream beds but are also found on some of the gravely mesas.  Gravels worked by Dry Washing or by Rocks when there was sufficient water.  Dryland Dredge operated 1960 - 1962

Production Information

Many of the nuggets were worth about $1 and some worth $30 in the 1870s.  San Domingo District has the largest placer gold production in Maricopa County.  Gravels averaged 0.032 OZ/CY Au (Approx 0.021 OZ/Ton) From 1870.  Most of the activity took place between 1870-1880, but there was intermittent activity briefly in the mid 60's.

Deposit Source

The source of the gold is believed to be in quartz veins in the nearby precambrian rocks.

Deposit Size



Discovery Year


First Year of Production


Last Production Run

1960 - 1962 Intermittently 

General Physiographic Area
Intermontane Plateaus
Physiographic Province
Basin & Range Province
Physiographic Section
Sonoran Desert
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