Paid Digs

Cost Effective

At only 19.95 USD per month having a membership to access over 12 claims is more cost effective than maintaining two claims personally.

Camping Friendly

All of our claims have the ability to camp on or near the claim.

Providing high quality family experiences and easy access to the claims.

Proven Claims

There is over 330 million acres of BLM & Forest Service land owned by "we the people" across the Western US with a large majority open to mineral entry.  

We take the guesswork out of finding viable gold deposits so you get to maximize your mining time.

Perfect Vacation Getaway

Whether you are a local or are coming from across the country we give you the options and claims to find gold and enjoy nature.

Diversified Deposits

By having a membership you have the ability to mine both lode deposits and placer deposits.

Guide & Camping Service


Click the green button below to purchase a 1 month membership.  Pricing is 149.95 USD per month.

Click the green button below to purchase a 3 month membership.  Pricing is 129.95 USD per month (389.85 USD) total

Click the green button below to purchase a 6 month membership.  Pricing is 99.95 USD per month 599.70 ( USD) total.

Click the green button below to purchase a 12 month membership.  Pricing is 89.95 USD per month (1,079.40 USD) total.

Bowman Creek #1
Italian Creek #1
Taylor Creek Gold Placer #1
Topaz #3


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