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Unpatented Placer Claim
20.00 Acres
AZ# 105291189

Vulture Mining District
Maricopa County, Arizona
Sale Price:  7,500

Primary Metal
Finance the 20.00 Acre Stockton unpatented Placer Claim in house with 3,000 USD down and a monthly payment of 207.13 USD for 24 months.  
No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.
The Stockton 20.00 Acre unpatented placer claim is located just 6.1 west of Morristown, Arizona.  Featuring exposed bedrock, dry gravel beds and significant gold deposition throughout the numerous dry wash creeks.

Directional & Topographical Orientation
The Stockton Claim has two main dry creek beds that run thru the claim the first dry creek bed runs 1,280' on a compass heading of 170.97˚ and the second dry creek bed runs 1,297' on a compass heading of 198.43˚.  Additionally, there are two junctions of dry washes combining on the claim in the NW corner and the SW corner.

Nuggets were also located during the time of survey via metal detector.  The nuggets were found primarily in the bedrock crevices and within the re-worked geological pay streak that is easily found in the banks of either side of the creek cut.

Recommended Mining Methods
Gold can be recovered on the claim by primarily dry washing of the small alluvial materials and metal detecting the washes & banks for gold nuggets.

In-situ Geological Structure & Features
Large veins of fractured quartz were located running primarily perpendicular to the dry wash trend.  Additionally, on the N/S trend between the two primary dry wash trends there is a noticeable reef of iron oxides running the length of the claim.  Between the iron oxide enrichment and the Quartz veins the potential for geological erosion of precious metals is substantial with testing confirming the initial assumption of locatable and recoverable alluvial gold is located within the indicator minerals of dry washes

This claim is accessible by BLM dirt roads by either a 4WD pickup truck or ATV.

Camping is allowed on the claim for up to two weeks at a time.  

Fluorine - Fluorite
Ore Body
Late and Middle Pleistocene Surficial Deposits 
Stockton Basic Map v.2.jpg
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