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Zenith Gold 
20.66 Acres
Unpatented Lode Claim
Sierra County, New Mexico
Chloride Mining District
Black Range Geological District
NM# 105757144
10,500 USD

Primary Metals
Silver & Gold

Secondary Metals


Finance the Zenith Gold unpatented lode claim in house with 4,200 USD down and 289.99 USD per month for 24 months.  No early pre-payment penalties, credit checks, or hidden fees.


A Diamond in The Rough Mine
Located in a secluded side gulch along Chloride Creek outside the town of Chloride New Mexico sits the Zenith Gold lode claim.

Featuring an old miners cabin adjacent to a well constructed portal to the underground mine workings cut neatly into a well developed gold and silver bearing vein structure.  Additionally, there is a very large tailings pile that is carrying excellent gold and silver values.

Upon survey the dry creek bed below the main adit had small spots of water and also numerous old water pipes from the previous miners.  These pipes were used to pull water from the creek up to the mine site to be stored when needed.

Last known operations of this mine took place in the 1973 by the Black Range Mining and Development Company which was the largest main commercial operator in the district.

The cabin is still quite full of old mining implements and judging by the extra ore car wheels & bearings this was a significant operation when in production.

Assay results show quality values in the surface ore adjacent to the portal and cabin.





Ore Body
Andesite and basaltic flows and associated volcaniclastic units

Ore Pictures & Assay Results Speak For Themselves!


The ore found on the Zenith Gold Lode Claim is primarily dominated by gold carrying Chalcopyrite, Pyrite, Galena, and free milling gold.


Access to the claim is approximately 6.5 miles from the town of Chloride New Mexico up Chloride Canyon via Wall Street RD.  4WD/atv passable. The portal is a small hike from the road.

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