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Arizona Bedrock Gold 001
20.00 Acres
Unpatented Mining Claim
La Paz County, Arizona
AZ# 105816944

Price: 12,500 USD

Primary Metal
Alluvial Gold

Gold Size
Nuggets, Flakes, Fines


Hassle Free Financing
Purchase the Arizona Bedrock Gold 001 
Unpatented Placer Claim outright for 12,500 USD.


Option (1)
finance in house with 5,000 USD down and 345.22 USD per month for 24 months.  

Option (2)
Finance in house with 3,125 USD down and 213.07 USD per month for 60 months.


Precision Surveyed to 3cm accuracy 



Just Northeast of the Quartzsite LTVA south, the Arizona Bedrock Gold 004 Placer claim is located in the Dripping Springs area.  A popular 4WD/UTV destination within the 4 wheel drive community, the claim sits along the main Dripping Springs loop.

Featuring exposed bedrock outcrops filled with parallel and perpendicular cracks within the secondary tributary wash that drains past producing gold bearing Quartz Reefs and mineralized vein structures.  The secondary tributary wash flows into the main Dripping Springs Wash that is also the access trail to the claim.

The main wash consists of deeper bedrock formations and overburden as deep as 15-17 feet deep with the probable average overburden depth of 6-10 feet.  Of course there are still areas in the main wash where the bedrock does show surface expression.

Quartz veins and Quartz stock works run thru the claim on a NW trend and dip steeply.  The Arizona Geological Survey has designated this Section as a High Mineral Potential Zone.  Numerous large placer acreage holders surround this claim as the placer claims are extremely competitive in this district.  

The secondary tribuatary wash has a very exposed bedrock presence with signifcant bedrock/country rock abutment about 100 yards up the wash.  Above this abutment lies more unconsolidated alluvial material that is fanned out and mostly disseminated.  

Recovery Methods
Dry Washing Results
Dry Washing
Claim Highlight Pictures
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