In order to sample one of our claims Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company requires a non refundable down deposit of 250 USD. 

This gives you the ability to sample the claim within a surface disturbance defined by the Forest Service as Casual/Recreational usage.  If you decide not to purchase the claim you have initially sampled the down deposit can be used toward another claim Gunnison Gold Prospecting has for sale.


Claim Financing 

Gunnison Gold Prospecting offers claim financing on all of our claims to help ease the initial cost burden of a premium property.  We will work with you together to finance your new claim in house.

Our financing is very simple and streamlined.  We require 40% down, charge 9.75% interest and require monthly payments.  The duration of the financing can be up to 2 years in length.

While a claim is being financed Gunnison Gold Prospecting holds the mineral rights and claim numbers exclusively until the last payment is made.  There is no early pre-payment penalty.  During financing the individual financing the claim may work the claim on a recreational level.  


Ready to Sample a Claim?


Tyler - Lead Prospector, Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company


All claims have been properly located, staked, and filed with appropriate governing agencies pursuant to Department of Interior mining rules and regulations.

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