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Claim Location & Staking

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and properly create legal certificates of location, monument corners, and file all the paperwork with the appropriate agencies.



Mining Permits

From Notice of Intent permits to Major Impact permits let Gunnison Gold Prospecting handle the details and negotiations on your behalf.



Exploration Consulting

Sample Programs, Mine rehabilitation, Equipment Selection, and much more.  Contact us to see how we can provide value to your project.

What type of permits do you write?

Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company can write permits ranging from small prospectors and miners that have minor impact permit requirements all the way up to larger exploration and mining companies that have major impact level disturbance requirements.

In addition, with our turnkey solutions we can handle all of the supporting potential regulatory requirements such as:

  • (NEPA) National Environmental Protection Act

  • (CDRMS) Colorado Deparment of Reclamation & Mining Safety

  • (MSHA) Mining Safety & Health Administration 

  • U.S. Army Core of Engineers

  • Colorado Division of Wildlife

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services

  • Colorado Division of Water Resources

  • Colorado Department of Health, Water Quality Control Division

  • County Planning Departments 

Do I need a mining permit?

This depends upon your proposed operations and is generally driven by surface acreage disturbance, claim specific environmental concerns, duration and frequency of operation, equipment type, and volume of material moved.


How much would it potentially cost for you to write my Notice of Intent (NOI) level disturbance for me?

While this does vary from project to project; typically to draft and submit a Notice of Intent to the Forest Service, the cost starts at 8,500 USD.

What States Do You Work In?
I write permits across the Western USA with the bulk of permits being written for clients within Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Why budget for mining permits?

No matter what state you own a claim in the reality is that permitting can make or break your operation.

Miners looking to take their projects from recreationally based to commercially based operations, whether lode or placer will have to have proper permitting in place before beginning operations.

Not accounting for mining permit costs, timeline of approvals, and other factors break most miners before a single yard of dirt is ever moved.


How much would it potentially cost for you to write a Plan of Operations (POO) level of disturbance for me?

The Plan of Operations is very complex with numerous other permits and regulatory agencies unavoidably attached to the permit in order to complete the plan in its full capacity. A Plan of Operations permit may typically take multiple years to get completed and the cost starts at 75,000 USD depending on the complexity, location, and scope of the project.

I just want to mine and don't want to deal with permitting headaches, can you help?

The short answer is yes!
Our turnkey permit packages remove the headache and workload from your plate and we can work on your behalf to get the results you desire.  

In fact, most of our consulting work revolves around our turnkey permit package solutions and most clients prefer to outsource the entire permitting process.

I own a mining claim and need advice on prospecting the claim, can you point me in the right direction?

Prospecting and exploration are an intrinsic part of the core values and expertise behind Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company.  We will travel to anywhere in the country to conduct a thorough examination of your claim.  

Additionally, we have the ability to drill both alluvial auger holes for placer claims, and diamond tipped core drills for lode claims.


Past Projects

NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Lode
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
POO Saguache County, Colorado Lode
NOI Saguache County, Colorado Placer
NOI Gilpin County, Colorado Placer
POO Gilpin County, Colorado Lode
POO Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
NOI Sierra County, New Mexico Placer
NOI Sierra County, New Mexico Lode
NOI La Paz County, Arizona Lode
NOI Grant County, New Mexico
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer
NOI Saguache County, Colorado Lode

NOI Sierra County, New Mexico Lode
NOI Sierra County, New Mexico Placer
NOI Gunnison County, Colorado Placer


Free Consultation
Please reach out to me about your proposed project in order to get an accurate quote with a free 30 minute phone consultation.
Contact Information
Tyler Long
Lead Prospector
Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company
Direct Line:  970-901-9043 

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