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Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company is proud to announce that lode exploration diamond tip core drilling and placer alluvial auger drilling is now available to our clients.

I provide three different depths/costs of core drilling.

For Lode Claims
Shallow Depth Core Drilling
Max 100'* dependent upon rock formation

Starting Price Per Foot (PPF) 60 USD

Medium Depth Core Drilling
Max Depth 575'* dependent upon rock formation
Starting Price Per Foot (PPF) 62.5 USD

For Placer Claims
Max Depth 100'*
Hole Diameter 4-10"
Starting Price Per Foot (PPF) 52 USD

Depending upon individual client needs Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company can provide turn-key drilling programs from start to finish.

This May Include:

Identifying Drill Targets

Exploration Drilling Programs

Core Boxing and Logging

Core Cutting/Splitting 

Drill Location Mapping

Core Analysis 

Alluvial Gold Reports

From a 7 day project to 18 month long project, I can provide the claim owner an insight into what lays beneath their lode or placer claims.  Providing the claim owner with valuable unparalleled information for future sale/acquisition of their claims and/or ore body/pay streak definition to aide in future mining efforts.

** Please note starting price per foot is just an approximate reference figure for initial budgetary planning.  This does not include travel, setup, teardown, reclamation, permitting, third party lab work, alluvial gold cleaning/reporting, or onsite rock/formation drilling conditions.

Various core diameter options are available upon request. 

Please contact me to discuss your drilling project in order to give you an accurate quote.

Contact Information 
Tyler Long
Lead Prospector
Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company
Direct Line:  970-901-9043 
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