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Lode & Placer Claims 

Year Round Workable 


Lode & Placer Claims

High Altitude Gold & Silver


Lode & Placer Claims

The Underdog Gold State

Experts In Placer and Lode Mine Exploration


Gunnison Gold Prospecting sells and finances high quality gold, silver, rare earth, base metals and speciality gemstone mines that give the modern day miner a head start in achieving their mining goals.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or want to become a full time miner; Gunnison Gold Prospecting has a wide array of properties to choose from.  

We stand behind our mining claims with pre-market quality exploration drill reports & large precious metals sample programs before our claims ever hit the market.

Giving the end buyer not only an edge over the competition; but providing upfront no hassle critical mining data to make an informed purchase.

Once a claim is purchased we provide streamlined and discounted follow on exploration and development services to make sure our clients are successful long term.  


Core drilling, sample programs, concentrate finishing, sluice box fabrication, and more.  All in house, all Gunnison Gold.

Gunnison Gold Prospecting is your one stop shop for all of your mining claim and exploration needs.

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